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There’s a war in the streets. No one is safe as bodies fall and houses go up in flames… Jocelyn’s War: A Novel (Journeys Down a Long Dark Road) by Jason Ryan Dale

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Jocelyn’s War: A Novel (Journeys Down a Long Dark Road Book 3)

by Jason Ryan Dale
3.5 stars – 4 reviews
Everyday Price: $2.99
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

“Family drama, violence, and a femme fatale make this thriller appealing to fans of mafia stories.”-Booklife Reviews

There’s a war in the streets. The vicious Ghost Knights biker gang, suddenly flush with cash and guns, is challenging the Mob for control of the city. No one is safe as bodies fall and houses go up in flames.

Danny Rinker is a young Mob soldier, but he’s keeping his distance from the fighting. Encouraged by Jocelyn, his new girlfriend, Danny spends his days in the local bar he finally owns after years of struggling. While his friends are out making names for themselves, Danny finds in the velvety touch of Jocelyn’s lips all the action he’ll ever need.

From a chance encounter, Danny learns a secret that goes to the heart of the Ghost Knights’ newfound power. If he can unravel a twenty-year-old mystery, Danny will be the one who takes the bikers down once and for all.

But Jocelyn is not all she appears. She knows things about this war that her lover can’t even imagine. Danny is about to discover that Jocelyn is a warrior, and even if it breaks her heart, she will carry on her fight to the end.

Journeys Down a Long Dark Road

Just past the Philadelphia city limits there are a cluster of neighborhoods no one on the outside pays much attention to. It’s a nice place to live, with ballfields and takeout joints around every corner. The people who’ve raised their families for generations in the rowhomes and brick houses teach their kids to work hard and keep out of trouble.

But some people aren’t interested in staying out of trouble. There are fortunes to be made in the backstreets and shady barrooms, if you can stay alive long enough to get your hands on it. Many restless souls from this forgotten place have struck out from the safe path and traveled down a long, dark road.

Journeys Down a Long Dark Road is a series of standalone crime stories set in a shared world.

There’s no one she can trust—not with her life, her heart, or her mother’s legacy… Salvaging Truth by USA Today bestselling author Joanne Jaytanie

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Salvaging Truth: A Mystery Thriller Novel (Hunters & Seekers Book 1)

by Joanne Jaytanie
4.6 stars – 33 reviews
Everyday Price: $4.99
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

The world could be transformed if Riley can only stay alive long enough.

Most parents leave you a house, a car, or money when they die. Riley’s mom left her a treasure hunt with a mysterious payoff. Now everyone seems to want a piece of Riley and her inheritance: the university, the military, mega corporations, and Russian spies.
Riley needs help to solve her mother’s murder, and Dagger Easton’s salvage and investigation company comes to her rescue. Retired SEAL, private eye, and leader of a diving and salvage team, Dagger promises to protect Riley with his life. But as the value of her mother’s research becomes clear, Riley begins to believe there’s no one she can trust—not with her life, her heart, or her mother’s legacy.

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Wedding at Firehouse Ranch: The Saints of San Diego

by Suzanne Jenkins
4.7 stars – 22 reviews
Everyday Price: $2.99
FREE with Kindle UnlimitedLearn More
Here’s the set-up:

After a fire almost destroys her house, firefighter Paul Saint lays eyes on curvy girl, teacher Emily Porter and all his imagined roadblocks to love come tumbling down.

Due to his fear of commitment, he doesn’t see marriage in his future. After moving into the old bunkhouse at Red Mountain Ranch, his new next-door neighbor gets out the binoculars and determining he’s available, sends out an SOS to all the local single women.
Paul confirms Emily is the woman for him, to the disappointment of his admirers and disapproval of his family.

Can they find happiness with so much going against them?

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One Last Child (Tallman’s Valley Detectives Book 1)

by Anni Taylor
4.6 stars – 370 reviews
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Five long-missing children are about to be RETURNED.

It was summer in the mountains when five small children vanished from their nursery school picnic. The heat was stifling that day, the tinkle of an ice-cream van in the air….

Three-and-a-half years later, in the dead of winter, the children are returned to their families… one by one.

All except for Ivy – the granddaughter of homicide detective Kate Wakeland. The other four children say Ivy is dead.

Speculation grows that the mysterious abductor is enacting a cruel revenge plot due to a murderer that Kate put in jail years before.

Kate isn’t sure what to believe. But one thing is certain – she’s about to begin the battle of her life. When the children were first stolen, she was prevented from investigating the case.

But now, Kate will be relentless in uncovering the identity of the abductor and discovering what happened to Ivy.

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* * *

Running with Horses

by Suzanne Jenkins
4.4 stars – 49 reviews
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Murder in the Mojave Desert
Moving horses to the high country comes just in time when Mindy and her coffee date witness murder at a Mojave Desert cafe.

But what begins with a horrendous tragedy leads to unexpected romance.

>>>USA Today Bestselling Author Suzanne Jenkins writes a stirring romance about how passion for the wild horses of the west can lead to murder and heartbreak, and finally love.

* * *

Overkill (Ash Suspense Thrillers with a Dash of Romance Book 2)

by Uvi Poznansky
4.4 stars – 43 reviews
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
The last thing Ash expects when she lands in Clearwater, Florida is to be stalked by a troubled teenager. If that’s not bad enough, she is caught in a shooting spree next to the nearby elementary school. The cops think it’s an attempt at mass killing, but Ash wonders if the only victim was specifically targeted by the killer. Will she manage to identify him and have him arrested before he comes after her?

* * *

Kin or Country: A Political Thriller

by Paul Alster
4.9 stars – 26 reviews
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Civil war is drawing closer. A fierce political battle engulfs a once-in-a-lifetime referendum.Is a new era about to begin?

Israel, 2048. The Ultra-Orthodox now form the majority among Israeli Jews. The country has changed rapidly in recent years to reflect their religious values and the new status quo.

On the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the state a referendum is called to decide whether to separate into two independent nations: one religious, the other secular.

The fate of Israel will be determined by its own people, but foreign powers have their own reasons for seeking to influence the outcome of the vote.

Against the backdrop of a no-holds-barred political campaign and with the clock ticking fast towards the day of reckoning, a man’s body found in the Jerusalem hills seems initially of little consequence—until his identity is revealed.

Could this discovery impact the fate of the entire country?

* * *

The House of Lost Spirits: A Paranormal Novel

by Einat Shimshoni
4.8 stars – 23 reviews
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Thoughts of death are natural when life is pretty depressing, but what happens when accidentally, the intention becomes a reality?

The 16-year-old Noga is an intelligent young woman, though a bit depressive, who feels contempt for her parents and their bourgeois way of life.

These confusing emotions lead her to make a decision from where there is no way back.

She finds herself in an abandoned house where her steps leave no marks nor can her fingers wipe the dust off the antique furniture.

Very soon she discovers there are five spirits living in the house, who all share something in common. The reason they are there, and have not moved on, is the direct result of their own choices. Now however, their choices are being put to the test.

Will the residents of the house manage to free themselves from the ties that bind them and move on, or will those walls continue to be their fortress?

The House of Lost Spirits is an original, ecstatic bildungsroman which oscillates between the surreal and the mystic-fantastic all the while touching in a deliberate, witty and sad way upon life and death and the extremes between fate and choice, this world and the afterworld, and above all, the story of a journey of self-exploration.

* * *

Montana Westward Brides: Books 1-4: Mail Order Bride Historical Western Romance

by Amelia Rose
4.4 stars – 58 reviews
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Is it possible to outrun your destiny? Can true love triumph in the face of danger? These four brides are determined to find out.
Lucy Magee fears she may be cursed with bad luck forever. Desperate for her marriage to Dr. Sam Slater to finally bring her the good fortune she longs for, Lucy’s fears are confirmed when a tragic death clouds her journey to meet him. Just one look at the dashing doctor’s face, and Lucy knew their marriage was the right choice. But Lucy is devastated when their first picnic together ends with the discovery of Sam’s shepherd’s dead body. Her luck turns from bad to worse when she starts receiving anonymous threats: someone is trying to force them from the land. But who? Will Lucy’s love for Sam be enough to get them through the storm, or is she really destined for a life of misfortune and tragedy?


Martha Walters has left the brothel behind her, but a new marriage seems to be her only way out. Desperate to find a suitable husband, Matha meets an older man: a handsome cattle rancher 10 years her senior.

Gray Jenkins is certain he’s too old to attract a wife, but the gentle farmer tries his luck with a mail-order bride. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine someone as beautiful and charming as Martha would be interested in him.

Martha falls head over heels for the wisecracking farmer, but she has a secret. The new life growing inside her and a dark enemy from her past threaten their one shot at happiness. Can Martha and Gray triumph over Martha’s past and the menace that follows her? Will they finally get their chance at true love?


With his poor literacy and lack of formal education, ranch hand Eddie Murtaugh believes he’s destined for a life of loneliness. But when his friend helps him attract the attention of a mail-order bride, his luck begins to change.

Fiona Wilkins is eager to leave her life in high society behind her and embark on an adventure on the frontier. She secretly replies to Eddie’s listing, but her father has other plans for her: she is to be auctioned off to a man she detests. Desperate to escape her parents and a future of certain unhappiness, Fiona escapes to Montana during the night.

But her carriage is hijacked, and Eddie’s anxiety turns to dread when he hears that the woman of his dreams has been taken hostage. Can Eddie and Fiona escape fate’s plans for them and secure a life of love and happiness together? Only time will tell.


Sheriff Josh Ryder is lonely, and longs for nothing more than someone to come home to after a long day. He has no shortage of replies to his listing for a mail-order bride, but can he really trust that it’s him that they want, or do they simply dream of being married to a notorious man of the law? There’s one beauty he can’t resist though: Emily Middleton.

Her high society dreams shattered by her father’s bankruptcy, Emily looks for love in the West, and when she finally meets the sheriff, she’s certain she can get her life back on track. But Emily wants more than he can give her, and despite his charm and rugged good looks, she’s worried that her fresh start might not be the future she dreamed of. Is marriage truly on the cards for this fiery couple? Can they see past their forceful personalities to find the love between them?


Four brides on four inspirational quests towards a future of freedom and love. But can they outwit their pasts? Is true love really within their grasp?

* * *

A financially successful son of immigrant parents crosses racial boundaries in search of love and creating a fulfilling life… The Other Side of Success: Money and Meaning in The Golden State by Martin Sawa

The Other Side of Success: Money and Meaning in the Golden State

by Martin Sawa
4.6 stars – 6 reviews
Everyday price: $6.99
FREE with Kindle UnlimitedLearn More
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

The son of immigrants chases the California Dream in the world of real estate megadeals.

Nearly thirty, broke, and with a newborn daughter in tow, Martin Sawa quits his dead-end job and vows to fulfill the aspirations of his Ukrainian parents. Thus begins a relentless pursuit of financial success in the high-stakes world of commercial real estate.

Navigating the skyscrapers of San Francisco and the gritty streets of Oakland, Sawa is on the verge of making it. But his world comes crashing down around him when he suffers a devastating personal loss, causing him to reevaluate the meaning of success.

In the years before and after the new millennium, Sawa takes the reader through a time of sweeping technological, social, and political change in California. While grappling with apex predators on nine-figure deals in San Francisco real estate, he rides the entrepreneurial roller coaster of prosperity and ruin. Scrambling between boardrooms and juke joints, between priests and psychics, he sets out to realize the deal of a lifetime.

The Other Side of Success is the unvarnished account of one man’s search for meaning as his professional life is constantly challenged by the impact of love, family, religion, and race. In this intimate memoir, Sawa strives to find home in the truest sense, while struggling with the unforeseen costs of making it.

“You won’t read many memoirs like this one…a financially successful son of immigrant parents who crosses racial boundaries in search of love, creating a fulfilling life.”-CHERYL Y. JUDICE, author, sociologist, and researcher on race, class, and gender

Hearty & Delicious Meals You Can Prepare Ahead! Knack Slow Cooking by Linda Larsen

Family eBook of The Day

Knack Slow Cooking: Hearty & Delicious Meals You Can Prepare Ahead (Knack: Make It Easy)

by Linda Larsen
4.3 stars – 6 reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Featuring 350 full-color photographs, Knack Slow Cooking presents 350 easy, delicious recipes and variations you can prepare in advance, from contemporary flavors to ethnic recipes to hearty classics.

Today’s Kindle Deal is sponsored by this week’s Family eBook of The Week:

Moraturi Lost: Paradisi Chronicles (Lost Mission Series Book 2)

by Marti Ward
4.7 stars – 16 reviews
FREE with Kindle UnlimitedLearn More
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

A new and daring colonization mission, a wormhole to traverse… Getting there is the least of the problems! It’s been done before – what can go wrong?

20-year-old Veterinary Nurse/Trainee Medical Officer Eva Hughes is junior officer on SS Moraturi, transporting 500 colonists to New Eden. Eva’s responsibility is the domestic and farm animals they are bringing, but she is working towards qualifying as both a veterinary and a medical doctor. When you’re 2.5 million lightyears from any other help, you can’t afford people who only have single skill… After a gamma burst in the wormhole, Eva finds herself looking after colonists whose cryobeds failed, and who now show memory loss for specific things. When another wave of radiation hits, the ship slips out of the wormhole, somewhere, sometime… and Eva finds herself in charge of an impossible mission. The quick trip through the wormhole has turned into an epic journey of biblical proportions. The saga begins…