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Get lucky in this regency romance from Sandy Raven. Only 99 cents for the swashbuckling Lucky’s Lady (The Caversham Chronicles Book 4)

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Lucky’s Lady (The Caversham Chronicles Book 4)

by Sandy Raven

4.3 stars – 45 Reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
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in its Audible Audio Edition, Unabridged!

Here’s the set-up:

When Mary-Michael Watkins married her elderly mentor who owned the shipyard where she worked, she never thought she’d miss the things he can’t give her. But as the years pass, she discovers a surprising need for a child that grows stronger each day. Her husband urges her to look elsewhere for a man to sire the baby she wants, but she can’t even consider such a thing—until she meets Captain Gualtiero.

Luchino Gualtiero, is a man to whom family means everything. Second to family is growing his tea import company, and he’s come to Watkins Shipyard to have two new ships built. He’s enjoyed married women in the past, so has no issue bedding the beautiful wife of the shipyard owner. But when it comes time to leave her, his heart cannot forget her.

Shortly before her husband’s death, Mary-Michael realizes she is carrying the captain’s child. A spurned suitor accuses her of adultery, claiming to be the child’s father to gain the Watkins fortune, and she is forced to ask the captain to care for their child in the event she is found guilty and hanged.

Lucky will do whatever is necessary to have Mary for his own—and to be a part of his child’s life—even kidnap her from her cell and take her on the high seas with him. He knows she’s long fought her feelings for him, and aboard the Lady M he will convince her that his love for her is as endless as the ocean.


Sandy Raven serves up a hot steamy dish of regency romance with a side of lust in book 4 ,Lucky’s Lady.
Her Caversham Chronicles series delivers a late night page turner again! I Can’t put them down, welcome to my world of all night reading hangovers.
If you are into witty,sexy,independent women and the men that drive them crazy, then Sandy Raven’s bodice rippers are for you. Each book can be read independently or in sequence. And bonus,the characters are well rounded and fun to get to know.Take a romp with Lucky and Mary-Michael in book 4 of the Caversham Chronicles, a must read for fans of the regency romance genre.
” – Amazon Reviewer

I thoroughly enjoyed the series and how the characters were interwoven. Each character was described in a brilliant way and it was exciting to see their uniqueness showing up . The strength of family unity and the love between husbands and wives was refreshing . The setting and historical background was fascinating. I could not put the book down once I started each one. Brilliant.” – Amazon Reviewer

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Hiding on a planet where Humans are hunted, two siblings must find out what it means to be human in Star Force: Lost Destiny (Wayward Trilogy Book 1) by Aer-ki Jyr

Star Force: Lost Destiny (Wayward Trilogy Book 1)

by Aer-ki Jyr

Or currently FREE for Amazon Prime Members Via the Kindle Lending Library
Text-to-Speech: Enabled

Here’s the set-up:

When Humans are the hunted…

Two siblings are abandoned on an alien world as children when their father is killed, then taken in by one of his business associates and sheltered on their remote farm. Kept isolated from everyone else on the cruel, primitive world, their adoptive Calavari parents ensure that Esna and Teren obey their father’s dying wish…that they never let anyone see them outside of their armor.

With no memory of where they came from, or even what race they are, the siblings follow their father’s last wish and keep to themselves until fate conspires to bring them across the word HUMAN. Not knowing what it means, they soon get an education as they are labeled as such and immediately fired upon.

For on this planet Humans are hunted to the death out of fear of them bringing back those responsible for the great cataclysm that destroyed the planet long ago.

‘Lost Destiny’ is a Young Adult Science Fiction epic adventure that takes place in the Star Force universe and the first book in the WAYWARD TRILOGY.

Check out the whole series and more on Aer-ki Jyr’s BookGorilla page

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A unique paranormal thriller about revenge and a sister’s love. Jayne Doe by Jamie Brook Thompson

Jayne Doe

by Jamie Brook Thompson

Jayne Doe
4.0 stars – 253 Reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Or check out the Audible.com version of Jayne Doe
in its Audible Audio Edition, Unabridged!

Here’s the set-up:

Jayne is my sister.
Johnny is her boyfriend.
A week ago he murdered me.
Today he put Jayne in the hospital.
Tomorrow he’s going to die.
I’ll make sure of that.

The reviews are in!

Wow! They say that everything happens for a reason. The descriptive account of Jill’s tortuous death caused a pit in my stomach. Although, I usually don’t read books of this genre this book grabbed me from the first page until the last sentence. Jill’s mission bounces her from place to place until her murderer pays for his crimes. I enjoyed how everything was brought together in such a happy ending. Thanks to the author for the great writing.

I started this book at 9:30 last night and couldn’t put it down to go to bed. It drew me in like books rarely do. The author is such a natural and effortless storyteller. I loved the fresh approach of the writing and the unique character of the book. A must read!!!

Check out jamie brook thomson’s BookGorilla author page

* * *

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Vegas and the Mob

by Al Moe

Vegas and the Mob
4.1 stars – 91 Reviews
Or currently FREE for Amazon Prime Members Via the Kindle Lending Library
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Or check out the Audible.com version of Vegas and the Mob
in its Audible Audio Edition, Unabridged!

Here’s the set-up:

Las Vegas was the Mob’s greatest venture and most spectacular success, and through 40 years of frenzy, murder, deceit, scams, and skimming, the FBI listened on phone taps and did virtually nothing to stop the fun. This is the truth about the Mob’s history of control of the casinos in Vegas like you’ve never heard it before, from start to finish. Las Vegas history has never been so fascinating!

Two of the nation’s most powerful crime family bosses went to prison in the 1930’s: Al Capone, and Lucky Luciano. Frank Nitti took over the Chicago Outfit, while Frank Costello ran things for the Luciano Family. Both men were influenced by their bosses from prison, and both sent enough gangsters into the streets to influence loan sharking, extortion, union control, and drug sales.

Bugsy Siegel worked for both groups, handling a string of murders and opening up gaming on the west coast, and that included Las Vegas, an oasis of sin in the middle of the desert – and it was legal. Most of it. The FBI watched as the Mob took control of casino after casino, killed off the competition, and stole enough money to bribe their way to respectability back home.

By the 1950’s, nearly every major crime family had a stake in a Las Vegas casino. Some did better than others. Casino owners watched-over their profits while competing crime families eyed each other’s success like jealous lovers. Murder often followed.

If you ever wondered just who put the Sin into Sin City, this is the book for you. This book names all the players, and chronicles not only what they did, but what they did to each other. There are the big well-known gangsters who rose up through the New York, Chicago and West Coast crime syndicates, as well as the lesser lights, the hangers on, the greedy grifters, the show business hucksters, the crooked politicians and Federal agents, the shyster lawyers, the colorful and enigmatic personalities, and the small time hoods and con men who came looking for power and money but who usually ended up in shallow unmarked graves far from the lights of Las Vegas.” – Amazon Five Star Review and Verified Purchase

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A forgotten photograph… An old faded map… All lead to a lost empire.. The Atlantis Stone (The Project Book 12) by Alex Lukeman

Kindle Nation Daily Thriller of the Day

The Atlantis Stone (The Project Book 12)

by Alex Lukeman

The Atlantis Stone (The Project Book 12)
4.8 stars – 21 Reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled

Here’s the set-up:

A photograph forgotten for a hundred years holds the key to finding the legendary lost civilization of Atlantis and an ancient artifact of mysterious power. When a letter with the photograph and a faded map of Egypt shows up in the mail, the Project is launched into a search that takes them from the depths of the Atlantic to the sands of Egypt and places unseen for thousands of years.
Elizabeth Harker’s Project team is caught up in a power struggle between two of Russia’s vast intelligence services. As the trail to Atlantis emerges from the mists of the past, the team is stalked by agents of a man who will stop at nothing to gain another rung on the ladder of his ambition.
Whoever succeeds will gain knowledge to benefit the world or destroy it. The stakes don’t get any higher…
Can the Project keep the secrets of Atlantis out of the wrong hands?

Five Star Reviews:

“This series keeps getting better. The characters are well developed, but even after twelve books, we still learn more about them. The writing is very descriptive as scenes are more like you’re watching them rather than reading them. The combination of history and action make this a very compelling novel. Well done. Looking forward to what is next for the team, after their well deserved vacation. ”

“Another high energy, extraordinary , believable action thriller of the highest pedigree!!! Evidence of Atlantis is discovered. The covert team of POTUS is activated. The Russians counterpart is also tasked to discover, undermine and if necessary eliminate the American agents. An extremely creditable story , non stop action….I highly recommend this book!!!”

Become a fan of Alex Lukeman on his BookGorilla author page!

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How do you choose? Do you follow your heart, or do what is right? Find out in Love Or Justice (Protect and Serve Book 1) by Rachel Mannino for the low price of 99 cents!

❤️ Kindle Nation Daily Romance of the Day ❤️

Love Or Justice (Protect and Serve Book 1)

by Rachel Mannino

Love Or Justice (Protect and Serve Book 1)
4.4 stars – 54 Reviews
Or currently FREE for Amazon Prime Members Via the Kindle Lending Library
Text-to-Speech: Enabled

Here’s the set-up:

Laurie Shelton is the only person alive who can identify Hawaii’s most notorious mob boss…

After stumbling into a deadly kidnapping, Laurie’s life is in grave danger, and it falls to US Marshal Dante Stark to keep her safe until she testifies against Kaimi Quamboa—assuming he can be captured.

Dante knows he’ll lose his job if he becomes romantically involved with a witness…

But when he has to comfort her through constant nightmares, he finds it nearly impossible to fight his attraction to the beautiful, strong young woman he is sworn to protect. Laurie feels it too, but aware she’s in a high-stress situation and that when the danger is past she’ll never see Dante again, she tries to ignore his easygoing smile and the security he offers.

Laurie and Dante are forced to flee again…

When Kaimi’s men descend on their hideaway, they escape to a second safe house, only to be tracked down there as well. Dante now knows there’s a mole inside the US Marshal

Service, and the only thing left to do is disappear.

Kaimi will never stop looking for Laurie, and if he’s caught, showing up to testify could be the last thing she ever does.

With each choice as dangerous as the next, Dante and Laurie must confront the boundaries of what they’re willing to sacrifice, and which is more important…

Love or Justice.


This was a really well written book that grabs you in hook line and sinker!! These characters are fabulous and I didn’t see the identity of the mole coming at all. With twists at every chapter I couldn’t put it down! The end was so good and I can’t wait till the next one comes out this really is a must read.” Amazon Review

I was into this book from page one. I am very impressed with the way Dante and Laurie overcame the littlest of things and the biggest of all things within this book. I really enjoyed how the “banter” between characters was realistic and yet at time light-hearted. I at times thought I had where the plot was going and then it was not what I thought at all. I did like how Rachel put the little twists in there and how Dante would say things out loud or who and what he was thinking and then (without giving out any spoilers) it was not at all who he or I anticipated it to be. This is a page turner and a “I hate to put this down even though I have to go to work” kind of a book. I truly am looking forward to reading much more from Rachel.” Amazon Review

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