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Every Last Doubt: Adler & Sage (His to Claim Book 1)

by Christa Wick
4.4 stars – 20 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

The moment I meet the admittedly cute trespasser ready to attack me in my sister’s home just weeks after a tragic accident took her from us, I know the woman’s going to be trouble.

She’s sexy as hell, distractingly curvy—and obviously keeping things from me and my family. Worse than that, she’s definitely afraid of something, and it’s driving me crazy she won’t tell me what.

The thing is, I’m not just starting to feel protective of the walking flight risk, but damn possessive, too. And the more I’m with her, the more I want to be the man that gets her past the fears she’s got bottled up.

In both her head and her heart.

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Sacrifice and Reward: A Sensual Native American Historical Romance (Paha Sapa Saga Book 1)

by Robin Deeter
4.6 stars – 61 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Which will be the victor: hatred or love?

Mid-18th century North America is a hotbed of unrest between many Native American tribes, who are feuding over territory. By this time, most of the Kiowa bands have been pushed west by the Lakota, who are on the move southward from the Great Lakes region. These invaders from the north want the game-rich, lush pasture lands of the territory for themselves.

However, one small Kiowa band is determined to remain in their early homelands in the region of what will be one day known as eastern South Dakota. These two enemy tribes are brought face-to-face through the vision of a young Kiowa medicine man.

Sky Dancer, a beautiful, Kiowa widow, and proud Lakota warrior, Dark Horse, are forced to marry in order to create an alliance between their peoples. Right from the beginning they clash in a test of wills, loathing each other on sight, making a happy marriage seem out of the question.

Will the sacrifice that is asked of them save their tribes? Can these two enemies overcome their initial hatred to find love in unlikely place or will distrust keep them from the reward they both crave?

* * *

Somewhere Between Black and White

by Shelly Hickman
4.2 stars – 53 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
“The magic, depth and beautiful messages woven throughout the story make it such a feel-good novel…I will think about the many important issues raised in this book for a long time.” –Samantha Stroh Bailey, Author of “Finding Lucas””A heartwarming and entertaining story that has a sweet romance and thoughtful life message.” –Jersey Girl Book Reviews”I loved the wit in this novel!! My stomach got a workout from some laughter.” –Storm Goddess Book ReviewsWhen approaching life’s problems, Sophie sees in black and white. That is, when they’re someone else’s problems. So when it comes to her sister, Sophie is sure she has all the answers, and offers them without hesitation. If only her sister would listen.Then, through a series of chance encounters, she meets Sam, who is witty, kind, and downright unflappable. Sophie has the overwhelming sense that she’s known him before, and as a relationship builds between them, odd visions invade her mind. Though she tries to dismiss them, their persistence will not allow it.As someone who is quick to judge others, she is intrigued by Sam’s ability to accept people as they are. She begins to see him as a role model, but try as she may, his accepting nature is difficult to emulate. Will Sophie ever be able to put her hasty judgments aside and realize not every problem has a simple solution?

* * *

Heatwave (Heatwave Series Book 1)

by Olivia B. Dannon
4.6 stars – 20 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
When a whisper of a trail presents itself for Rachel Stewart to track down Angelo Donati, Rachel leaps at the chance. She didn’t ever imagine the trail would land her smack in the middle of a mafia scene. She finds she’s a pawn in their twisted game.
Angelo is different than the man she knew a few years ago, but he’s still just as bad-boy-sexy, strong, and charismatic as humanly possible. His actions to save her lead them into hiding where she will be in close quarters with Angelo, a man she once loved but doesn’t know if she can trust.
When the enemy strikes close to home, they awaken a Heatwave in Angelo, finding first hand, there is nothing he won’t do when it comes to protecting what’s his.

* * *

Tajael (Fallen Angels 1) – Paranormal Romance

by Alisa Woods
4.4 stars – 129 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

I am an angeling of the light, Protector class, assigned to Guardian Duty… and I am Tempted.

A war brews in the immortal realms, between the Angels of Light—created to love and protect humanity—and their ancient enemy, the Fae. The Fae have created a demon plague to stop the humans and their technology from invading the immortal realms. I’m tasked with protecting a beautiful scientist who may do exactly that… but this duty is fraught with danger. Not due to the demons who hunt her but because a Fall from Lust will plunge me into shadow. I’ve already been marked by the darkness of that realm—and I’ve vowed never to return.

I’m a scientist, a physicist, a woman of reason… and I don’t believe in angels.

My Ex broke me in ways I didn’t even know I could break. But I’ve moved on and put the nightmares behind me. Now I have work to do, a theory to test, and a billionaire lined up to fund my experiments. If I’m successful, it will change the world. Everything’s finally coming together—then my co-worker attacks me, my hot neighbor saves me, and suddenly, I’m wondering if there’s more to my theories about an extra-dimensional world than I ever suspected…

In a war that threatens mortals and immortals alike, the Angels of Light vow to protect humanity… but they will be tempted by the sweet promise of Love.

FALLEN ANGELS is a follow-on series from the bestselling FALLEN IMMORTALS series. It contains sexy hot angels of light—and shadow.

* * *

Wren and Sage must confront something more chilling than the unknowable in this chilling psychological suspense… The Stillwater Girls by Washington Post bestselling author Minka Kent

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by Washington Post bestselling author Minka Kent
Ignorant of civilization and cautioned against its evils, nineteen-year-old Wren and her two sisters, Sage and Evie, were raised in off-the-grid isolation in a primitive cabin in upstate New York. When the youngest grows gravely ill, their mother leaves with the child to get help from a nearby town. And they never return. As months…

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Deal Ends: 08/01/2019
Categories: All Mystery, Crime & Thrillers; All Women’s Fiction; Bestsellers

Magic lives where the sea meets the land…
USA Today bestselling author Kerry Adrienne’s STORM DAMAGED

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Storm Damaged

by Kerry Adrienne
4.0 stars – 13 reviews
Everyday Price: $4.99
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Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

She’s running from a life she doesn’t want. He’s hiding from a past he can’t forget. But the tide is turning in favor of new beginnings… 

In a world where humans don’t know mermaids exist, independent Mari leaves her ocean home behind to start over on land. Her quaint island life, free of her overbearing mother, her possessive betrothed, and her tribe’s unrealistic expectations, is exactly what this mermaid needed. And the sexy bartender above her shop gives her hope for a future that isn’t so lonely.

Former Navy diver Chase has never recovered from the accident that claimed his brother’s life. And his unshakable fear of the ocean, a place he used to love, is all the more reason for him to sell his bar and move inland. Not even the mysterious beauty who rents the shop below his bar can lift his spirits. He’s too damaged to even consider a relationship.When a hurricane threatens the island, Mari and Chase must work together to save both his bar and her shop. But as they make preparations, and become marooned on the island, they don’t realize that the storm won’t be the worst challenge they face. Mari’s betrothed is on the rampage, incensed she won’t marry him and determined to get his revenge.

A wave of adventure and romance await in this steamy standalone fantasy romance read from USA Today bestselling author Kerry Adrienne. Dive in to Storm Damaged today!

When we lift others up, they lift us up, too.
The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World by Melinda Gates

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by Melinda Gates


“In her book, Melinda tells the stories of the inspiring people she’s met through her work all over the world, digs into the data, and powerfully illustrates issues that need our attention—from child marriage to gender inequity in the workplace.” — President Barack Obama

Today’s Bargain Price: $2.99

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Categories: All Nonfiction; All Politics, History and Current Events; Bestsellers

1600 pages of gritty, fast-paced urban fantasy with scary monsters and creepy supernatural elements!
Shadow Detective Books 1-9: The Complete First Series Box Set by William Massa

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brought to you by:

Shadow Detective Books 1-9: The Complete First Series Box Set

by William Massa
Everyday price $2.99
FREE with Kindle UnlimitedLearn More
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

The first nine Shadow Detective books in one boxset. 1600 pages of gritty, fast-paced urban fantasy with scary monsters and creepy supernatural elements. For fans of Constantine, Supernatural and Dresden and readers of urban fantasy and supernatural paranormal action thrillers.

My name is Mike Raven. The weird and supernatural are my life.

The forces of darkness shattered my life when I was just a boy. I watched with horror as demons murdered my parents, and I would have been the beast’s next victim when fate intervened in the form of Joe Skulick, the greatest monster hunter who ever lived.

The monster slayer saved my life that night. He took me in, trained me, channeled my rage. He turned a frightened boy into a determined young man sworn to destroy the demonic forces which orphaned him. Armed with my knowledge of the occult and a mystical arsenal, it’s now my turn to hunt the nightmares.

Join me on my thrilling adventures as I stalk supernatural horrors and seek out deadly sorcery. Tag along as I battle ghosts, vampires, ghouls, witches, demons, supernatural serial killers, eldritch cults and other assorted abominations.

The set contains some of my most harrowing cases: Cursed City, Soul Catcher, Blood Rain, Demon Dawn, Skull Master, Ghoul Night, Witch Wars, Crimson Circle and Hell Breaker.

Grab your copy now, and let’s kick some demon butt!

What readers are saying about the Shadow Detective series: Full of action, dark humor and sarcasm. Well written with tons of action and surprises. Fast-paced and original. The series has completely blown me away. A perfect blend of urban fantasy and supernatural thriller. My favorite Supernatural Action Chiller series.