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Ring in the new year with a fantastic collection of TEN short stories guaranteed to lift your spirits! New Year’s Eve Shorts (The Shorts Series Book 3)

New Year’s Eve Shorts (The Shorts Series Book 3)

by Mimi Barbour, Susanne Matthews, Stacy Eaton, Rebecca York, Nancy Radke, Rachelle Ayala, Taylor Lee, Susan Jean Ricci, Callie Bardot, Josie Riviera
4.7 stars – 30 reviews
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Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Ring in the new year with a fantastic collection of TEN short stories from the Author’s Billboard.

NEW YEAR’S EVE SHORTS includes nine NEW romances guaranteed to lift your spirits with tales of second-chances, adventure, overcoming obstacles, celebrating the holidays, and finding love in unimaginable places. Whether our couples are in a barn, a bar, by the ocean, or in quaint Irish towns, join them as they celebrate love and New Year’s Eve with this box set meant to be enjoyed year-round.

Mimi Barbour – You’re the Boss – NEW! Once again, she’s a wallflower at the company dance, a role she plays well.

Susanne Matthews – Buck’s Fizz – NEW! You can run away from some things, but you can’t hide from yourself.

Stacy Eaton – Finding Love with a Champagne Toast – NEW! When the week is over, will they go their separate ways after sharing a champagne toast?

Rebecca York – Out of Time – NEW! Can love bridge time?

Nancy Radke – Changing Horses – NEW! When the love of his life shows up wearing a ring that isn’t his, the young rancher has to look again for a woman he wants to marry.

Rachelle Ayala – Happy Goose Year – NEW! Will Pete’s idea of rekindling his romance with a cooked goose backfire before the countdown drops to zero?

Taylor Lee – Judge: The Justice Brothers Series – Only the indomitable Judge would propose that his four grandsons and their women participate in an outrageous adventure: a four-couple New Year’s Eve wedding.

Susan Jean Ricci – Tumbling into Midnight – NEW! When a stunt double’s sweet on her leading man, remaining casual is almost impossible – until a near-fatal accident reveals many secrets.

Callie Bardot – Rescuing Ebony Blue – NEW! Finding a guy in your barn the day before New Year’s Eve with no ID, dressed in prison orange, should be no big deal, right?

Josie Riviera – A Chocolate-Box Irish Wedding – NEW! A woman who wanted more. A man who wanted her. Can they find love in the seaside town where it all began?

**May contain Adult Content**

Police Procedural Fiction Readers Alert! Detective Evie Harper must track a ruthless serial killer terrorizing the west end of town in Love Lorn (The Twisted Love Series Book 1) by Amy Manemann

Love Lorn (The Twisted Love Series Book 1)

by Amy Manemann
4.8 stars – 16 reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Determined to prove she’s more than just a pretty face, Detective Evie Harper works hard and trains even harder to be the very best. Her first homicide case will put her skills to the test as she and her partner, Detective Stephen Harris, track a ruthless serial killer terrorizing the west end of town. The Lovelorn killer may be one step ahead of them, but they’re closing in fast — until an immoral decision is made that leaves their partnership hanging in the balance.

Love Lorn, is the first book in a six-book series called The Twisted Love Series. While this book was written by me, Amy Manemann, the second book, Love Torn, will be written USA Bestselling Author, Stacy Eaton. The two of us have worked together on these two books so our stories run parallel and prepare you for the first full-length novel in the series coming this fall. Stacy’s prequel to our series will be releasing in May.

The Twisted Love Series:
The first full length co-authored novel, Love Inked, will introduce author Amy Manemann’s Detective Evie Harper with author Stacy Eaton’s Kali Mann as they become partners. Their lives are about to change, and the cases they will investigate will be intense. Between a new serial murder and dealing with their pasts, these two will be tearing up the streets and the pages as they deal with Twisted Love.

Love Inked is slated to release in later Summer/early Fall.

Wow, wow, wow!! Love Lorn is so good!!! I was so excited when I heard about this new Twisted Love Series from Amy Manemann and Stacy Eaton. Love Lorn had just the right amount of suspense to suck me in to the story and not let me go.” 5 star review

Feeling Lucky? 13 fascinating novellas of love, loss, and mystery: LUCK OF THE DRAW by USA Today bestselling authors

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Luck of the Draw: 13 Lucky Romance & Suspense Novellas

4.7 stars – 34 reviews
Everyday Price: $2.99
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Feeling Lucky? Check out LUCK OF THE DRAW

13 lucky stories EXCLUSIVE to this boxset available for a LIMITED time! 13 tales of unimaginable luck – 13 fascinating novellas of love, loss, and mystery. From lotteries to sweepstakes, poker to roulette and horse racing to wishes, these 13 stories will make you wish you’d been the winner!

These 13 novellas are BRAND NEW and have never been published. Written by USA Today Bestselling, International, and Bestselling authors.

1 – Sometimes You Win by Stacy Eaton, USA Today Bestselling Author
Haley thinks playing the lottery is a waste of money, something she has little of. But what happens with Devon talks her into it and they win?

2 – Fade into Love by Michele Shriver, International Bestselling Author
Wren’s sweepstakes win lands her a walk-on role in a movie, where she crosses paths with the film’s second assistant director. Will her fade to black role fade into love, instead?

3 – Insert Wife Here by Susan Ann Wall, USA Today Bestselling Author
Sean Beckett turns Cynthia Munn’s luck — and her world — upside down with a harmless date, a risky bet, and a night Cyn might regret.

4 – Baby, Maybe by Lyssa Layne, National and International Bestselling Author
On the outside, Julie and Shawn have the perfect marriage–all they need is a child to complete their family. When fate is found taped to their door, will their family finally become whole?

5 – Hold ‘Em by Jacquie Biggar, USA Today Bestselling Author
In the game of love, all bets are off. Professional poker player Matt Shaughnessy wins more than he expects in the pot of a lifetime. A fiancée for a week.

6 – Going All In by Amy Manemann, International Bestselling Author
A return to his roots stirs up small town love when Tucker Williams reconnects with old flame, Hadley James.

7 – Placing Her Bet by Sharon Coady, National Bestselling Author
While Carissa places a bet at the races she collides with Joseph. Sparks fly, she thinks she’s found a man she can trust but an overheard conversation shatters her faith.

8 – Owned by Jade Kerrion, USA Today Bestselling Author
Unhappily divorced, Marie wins a $1,000,000 lottery. When her ex-husband re-enters her life, is he after her, or after her winnings?

9 – So Unlike Me by Nikki Lynn Barrett, USA Today Bestselling Author
Lizette’s pretending to be her twin. Dirk’s happy to have an old friend around during a rough time. What happens when real feelings develop and the truth comes out?

10 – Lost and Rich – Jude Ouvrard, International bestselling Author
Widowed before her thirtieth birthday, Gracie has dealt with enough tragedy in her life. Will her newfound fortune pave the road to happiness?

11 – Love in the World of Make Believe by Janis Susan May, International Bestselling Author
Edith is delighted to win a role in her favorite show. Fearsomely scarred second lead Lupo falls for Edith, but can he reveal his feelings when he carries so many secrets?

12 – Whole Lot ‘o Love by Bonnie Edwards, National Bestselling Author
Ashlee Branton’s stroke of luck is giving her and her son a new, settled life back home. But returning home means facing her son’s father, Brick Harcourt, in a most unsettling way.

13 – Double Down by Cathy Perkins, International Bestselling Author
Murder isn’t supposed to be in the cards for blackjack dealer Maddie Larsson. Detective JC Dimitrak must play his cards correctly and find the killer before an innocent woman takes the ultimate hit.

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Luck of the Draw: 13 Lucky Romance & Suspense Novellas by [Eaton, Stacy, Shriver, Michele, Wall, Susan Ann, Layne, Lyssa, Biggar, Jacquie, Manemann, Amy, Coady, Sharon, Kerrion, Jade, Barrett, Nikki Lynn, Ouvrard, Jude, Janis Susan May, Bonnie Edwards , Cathy Perkins ]

Brand new for the New Year!
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Can Sara and Max overcome the lies—or must they bury their dreams of a relationship forever?

Tempt Me Too

by Stacy Eaton
When Sara and Max see each other after twenty years, old feelings spring to life, but how could it possibly work?

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Categories: All Romance; All Women’s Fiction

Love lost, love found? After 20 years can Sara and Max overcome family trials and past secrets to find each other again? Tempt Me Too by Stacy Eaton

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Tempt Me Too

by Stacy Eaton
4.8 stars – 14 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Sara Hawthorne is a dedicated attorney, a loyal wife, and the mother of two nineteen-year-old girls. When her husband succumbs to cancer, Sara has to battle the grief and also the addiction to which one of her daughters falls prey.

Maximus Tempest is business driven—and family starved. Eager to get his estranged wife to sign the divorce papers so he can move on with his life, he is frustrated when she is taken to the hospital after overdosing and wants no part of her treatment.

When Sara and Max see each other after twenty years, old feelings spring to life, but with the whirlwind of problems that surround them, how could it possibly work? Secrets are revealed from the grave that could threaten any future they might have, and it will be up to Sara and Max to see if they can overcome the lies—or if they must bury their dreams of a relationship forever.

This book was one of the best books I have read in a long time. Sara is dealing with the grief of losing her husband to cancer, and her twin daughters are dealing with it in their own way. When one of them becomes withdrawn, Sara knows there is more to it. Then she sees Max again after many years. The chemistry between them is amazing. Max still has feelings for Sara, as does Sara for him. Can they work through the secrets that rise from the grave? Oh, this book was so very good, and I was sad for it to end! I highly recommend this book. It is not to be missed!” – Verified Purchase Five Star Review

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Living in constant fear of her husband, Barbara summons the courage to leave with their young daughter, but dreads the moment her husband learns of their escape. He will leave no stone unturned to punish them–especially Barbara…
Barbara’s Plea by Stacy Eaton

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Barbara’s Plea

by Stacy Eaton

4.5 stars – 17 Reviews
Kindle Price: 99 cents
On Sale! Everyday price: $3.99
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Barbara lives in constant fear of her husband. She finally summons the courage to leave with their young daughter, Allie, but dreads the moment her husband learns of their escape. In his desire to control them and bend them to his will, he will leave no stone unturned to punish them–especially Barbara.

Grey’s future seems bleak, especially the day he is fired, but everything begins to turn around the moment he absently sinks down on a bench occupied by wealthy Gloria Withers. Gloria sees something in him that no one else bothers to notice and, within moments, a friendship is sparked that will withstand many trials.

When Barbara makes good her escape and arrives on the doorstep of her grandmother, Gloria, whom she hasn’t seen for years, Barbara is greeted instead by Grey. It doesn’t take long for a different kind of spark to fly as Barbara takes up residence in the Withers mansion.

When Grey falls inexorably in love with not only Barbara, but also her daughter Allie, he vows to do everything he can to protect them from her husband who is out for revenge.


“This is an amazing novel with heartrending characters, a beautiful love story and an adorable little girl. We meet a generous loving older woman who finds joy in helping family and even strangers. I couldn’t put this novel down, and highly recommend it!” Pat Fordyce

“Stacy Eaton has a way of writing about tough subjects that most people either gloss over or simply skip altogether. She does not pretty it up; she just writes what needs to be said. Some parts are heart-wrenching, some anger-inducing. The book is extremely well written.” Tatiana L.

“Barbara’s Plea gets five out of five stars from me and a strong suggestion to read.” Sarah53121

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Spicy Christmas Kisses: 11 Romances to Heat Up Your Holidays

by Rachelle Ayala, Kelly Collins, Bonnie Edwards, Crystal Green, Stacy Eaton, Jade Kerrion, Lyssa Layne, Sharon Coady, Marcia James, Kimmie Easley

Spicy Christmas Kisses: 11 Romances to Heat Up Your Holidays
4.8 stars – 3 Reviews
Here’s the set-up:

HO! HO! HO! Santa’s bringing love this Christmas…and a little spice. From hauntings to bad boys to matchmaking dogs, SPICY CHRISTMAS KISSES delivers the joy and warmth of the season. But be careful–some of these ELEVEN romances are HOT HOT HOT!

This collection of spicy holiday stories is on sale for a limited time only. So grab your copy today!

Christmas Flirt – Rachelle Ayala
Naughty girl Lacy Reed gets more than she bargained for when her naked selfies turn up on her boss’s phone. What will it take for her Christmas wish to come true?

Cole For Christmas – Kelly Collins
When Interior Designer Chloe Craig thought of Christmas, her mind overflowed with trees trimmed in twinkling lights and doorways adorned with mistletoe. Using her infectious joy, she attempted to soften the heart of her new employer, but was it possible to turn a Scrooge into Kris Kringle?
Not-So-Blue Christmas – Bonnie Edwards
Kirk Fontaine has lived in the dark for months, unable to bear living or even talking to people, until one small mutt forces him to see the sun. Miranda Bailey’s hoping for one more Christmas miracle, but can’t believe a grouch like Kirk could be it.

Naughty and Nice (A Rough and Tumble Novella) – Crystal Green
Reclusive, gruff army veteran Jesse Navarro could deal with a Secret Santa who only wrote to him online. But when she shows up at the Rough & Tumble Saloon in the flesh, she has something even naughtier than a regular gift exchange in mind—and it’s perfectly suited for some wicked nights in Sin City…

Tangled in Tinsel – Stacy Eaton
Casey Lowe is new in town and her next-door neighbor Thad Wagner is the kind of guy you want to have around, especially when something breaks. Thad is easy on the eyes and great with his hands, but will he be able to mend her broken heart?

Haunted – Jade Kerrion
Holly Langford has given up on love but the Christmas season unexpectedly ignites her bleak and solitary life with three men who represent her past, her present, and her future. Which man offers the gift of true love and happily ever after?

The King and the Pawn – Lyssa Layne
Frankie has concocted the perfect plan to get her father to release her trust fund early—a fake boyfriend he’ll hate. The only problem is, the more time Frankie spends with her fake boyfriend, the harder it will be to let him go.

Christmas Choices- Sharon Coady
Kellen Slade is a bad boy builder who rides a Harley almost as hot as he is. Rhian St. Clair is a rich girl who wants out of Savanah and out from under her father’s rules to follow her passion as a painter.

8 Hounds a-Howling – Marcia James
Celebrity photographer “Jax” Jackson volunteers to shoot the Klein’s K-9s’ dog-themed “12 Days of Christmas” fundraising calendar. His hidden agenda: Convince past love and calendar coordinator Amy Walters to give him a second chance.

Tinsel, Tidings, and Temptations – Kimmie Easley
After a nasty divorce and a life of isolation, Naomi Compton rents a luxury cabin in the woods for her first Christmas alone. The property just so happens to come with its own hunky groundskeeper, Henner Willliams, who’s more than happy to show Naomi what she’s been missing out on all these years.

Loving Lucy – Chantel Rhondeau
Issued a challenge at the company Christmas party, reserved accountant Blake Carmichael determines to catch Lucy Brier’s interest, a woman he’s lusted after for years. Lucy’s determined to win her bet: quit flirting and stay single until next Christmas…a full year without a man, next to impossible for the audacious brunette.

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Forever (Time for Love Book 1)

by Miranda P. Charles

Forever (Time for Love Book 1)
4.1 stars – 97 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Rebecca Andrews knows she is lucky to be hired as a private nurse for an elderly lady who is going on a one-month trip aboard a luxury cruise ship. But there’s one big problem. The client is the grandmother of her ex-boyfriend—the guy she is still in love with, but who doesn’t love her back.

* * *

If…: Second Chance

by Jackie Mae

If...: Second Chance
4.3 stars – 12 Reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

A thought provoking tale that examines how events can change life decisions in a heartbeat, Shona Forrester is determined to make her business a success.

* * *

The Bones of Others (Skye Cree, Book 1)

by Vickie McKeehan

The Bones of Others (Skye Cree, Book 1)
4.5 stars – 331 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Brutalized as a young girl by a vile sexual predator, Skye Cree is a survivor. Guided by the visions of her mystical spirit guide to the whereabouts of abducted girls, she uses her unique abilities to turn her horrifying past into a positive force for justice.

* * *

by A Lexy Beck
Held Before (A Prequel) (The Torrey Held Series Book 1)
4.6 stars – 8 Reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Broken and haunted by his past, Torrey Held has tried to settle back into normal life, at least as normal as it can be. Pursued by his controlling father to join the family business, Torrey is dead set on living his own life with his amazing girlfriend, Jenna Quinn.

* * *

The Sexy Boss – Sedition (Book 1)

by Z.L. Arkadie, T.R. Bertrand

The Sexy Boss - Sedition (Book 1)
4.0 stars – 3 Reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Abby couldn’t have known that the stunningly handsome man she literally ran into in the coffee shop this morning was Nolan Patrick, her new, and extremely sexy boss. He’s way out of her league. But when they find themselves trapped in a snowstorm, sparks fly. Will they end up crossing the line?

* * *


by Jennifer Morse, William Mortimer

4.4 stars – 12 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

The romantic tale of Christopher held prisoner on Mexico’s island prison Islas Tres Marias and Juanita, daughter of a visiting boat captain. Together they plot his quest to freedom and reunion in California.

The Executive Boss (Billionaire Boss Book 2)
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Saharan Williams is excited to start working for hot-shot lawyer Milan Hudson. She didn’t expect to fall for the brilliant and charming man. But Saharan’s never been the type of girl to mix work and play.

* * *

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