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The KND-Kindle Chronicles Interview: Reading Books and Feeding Minds, One Kindle at a Time – WorldReader’s Million eBooks Movement Comes to Sub-Saharan Africa

Len Edgerly Interviews David Risher, CEO and Co-founder of By LEN EDGERLY Contributing Editor It is difficult to imagine how much an eReader like the Kindle can change the life of a student in sub-Saharan Africa. I know that the Kindle has improved the way I read in deep and satisfying ways, adding convenience […]

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The Kindle Chronicles Interview:

In Amazon’s World of Gadgets, It’s Really All About the 4 C’s of the Kindle “Service:”
Catalog, Customer Base, Connectivity, and Convenience

Len Edgerly Interviews Stephen Windwalker, Creator of Kindle Nation Daily By LEN EDGERLY Contributing Editor When Stephen Windwalker and I get together, at least one of us usually brings a new gadget. As creator of Kindle Nation Daily, Steve is on top of all things Kindle, but when he stopped by the Kindle Chronicles studio […]

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The Kindle Chronicles Interview: How a Tiny Boston Start-Up, Amazon (and Authors) Are Plotting to Change the World of Serialized Fiction on Kindle

Welcome to the Third Layer of Publishing: How a Tiny Boston Start-Up, Amazon (and Authors) Are Plotting to Change the World of Serialized Fiction on Kindle Len Edgerly Interviews Yael Goldstein Love, Co-Founder and Editorial Director of Plympton By LEN EDGERLY Contributing Editor Welcome to the Third Layer of Publishing. That his how Jennifer 8. […]

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The Kindle Chronicles Interview: Fire Fight: Could New Kindle Fire HD Models Ignite Real Attack on iPad’s Share of Tablet Market?

Len Edgerly Interviews James McQuivey, vice president and principal analyst, Forrester Research By LEN EDGERLY Contributing Editor Let’s try a multiple-choice quiz as we wait for the Kindle Paperwhite to begin shipping this week, followed by the Kindle Fire HD 8.9” in November. Which of the following will have their business disrupted the most by […]

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Jeff Belle

The KND Kindle Chronicles Interview: Not Just Another Jeff B – Amazon Publishing VP Jeff Belle on Kindle Serials and the “Virtual Water Cooler”

(Ed. Note: Longtime Kindle Nation readers may remember Jeff Belle as one of the first sponsors of Kindle Nation Daily way back in September 2010 with his debut novella, ‘Carlos The Impossible’ — “a ‘Ferdinand’ for grown-ups … a sort of love story: part tall tale, part sad, sly amusement, and part subtle, comic fable […]

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The KND Kindle Chronicles Interview: Going Back to the Roots and Forward to the Future of the eBook Revolution – Len Edgerly Interviews Sri Peruvemba, chief marketing officer, E Ink Holdings

By LEN EDGERLY, Contributing Editor Most of the big news in eBooks these days comes out Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, but the eBook Revolution actually started right here in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Prof. Joseph M. Jacobson of the M.I.T. Media Lab and one of his students, Barrett Comiskey, filed the original patent on October 25, 1996 […]

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First Look at the New Normal from Amazon: Len Edgerly’s Notes from the Santa Monica Kindle Press Conference

By Len Edgerly Contributing Editor Amazon is shortening the half-life of normal. That’s my impression the morning after the latest torrent of new devices and inventions released yesterday, September 6th, here in Santa Monica, California. It was just 345 days ago that the Seattle game changers introduced the Kindle Fire at a press conference in […]

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John Mitchinson

The KND Kindle Chronicles Interview: A British Startup with an Entirely New Way of Bringing Authors and Readers Closer Together – Len Edgerly Interviews John Mitchinson, co-founder of Unbound

By LEN EDGERLY, Contributing Editor What if you could subscribe to an author’s next book before he or she writes it– providing encouragement, receiving updates on how it’s going, and meeting other supporters? And what if, in return for your pledged support, your name appeared in the published book as a sponsor or you received […]

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Jeff Bezos

What to Expect on September 6: It Might Be Amazon’s Biggest Press Conference Ever, with Major Pyrotechnics for the Kindle Fire and Amazon Prime

Amazon’s press office staffers have been earning their keep this month — the company has put out 16 press releases already in August, including 10 in the last 11 days, after averaging 11 per month during the first half of 2012 — but the real heavy lifting lies in the work that’s being done to […]

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Glenn Thrush

The KND Kindle Chronicles Interview: The Making of the President (-ial Campaign Book) 2012: Game Changing in the Age of Kindle

Len Edgerly Interviews Glenn Thrush, Politico’s senior White House Correspondent and author of Obama’s Last Stand By LEN EDGERLY, Contributing Editor A new eBook about the presidential campaign this week shows just how quickly the journalism game is changing. Obama’s Last Stand, written by Glenn Thrush,’s senior White House correspondent, was released in the […]

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The KND Kindle Chronicles Interview – Two Kindles Before the Mast: It’s Our Gain as Len Edgerly Interviews Eric Loss About Sailing Solo — and Reading eBooks — Around the World in 258 Days

By LEN EDGERLY, Contributing Editor How many Kindles would you take on an eight-month solo sail around the world? Eric Loss thought two would be enough, and he brought a couple of plastic covers to protect them when he departed Los Angeles on November 7th of last year aboard his 35-year-old, 37-foot yacht, Odyssey. He […]

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